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Montclair Nj Home With Pool

Homes for sale in Montclair, NJ can be found in Essex County, NJ a zip code of 07042 and 07043.  Montclair, NJ is about 12 miles west of New York City, and encompasses an area of 6.315 square miles with an estimated population of 37,669.

Many of the homes for sale in Montclair, NJ will border the nearby towns of Bloomfield, Cedar Grove, Glen Ridge, Orange, Verona and West Orange which are all in Essex County. Montclair, NJ will also border Clifton and Little Falls which are located in Passaic County, NJ.

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During 2019 there were a total of 396 homes for sale in Montclair NJ, that closed according to the GSMLS for the period of 01/01/19-12/31/19. Which did not include condos, townhouses or multi family homes.

Buying a home in Montclair can sometimes be a challenge based on how homes are priced. It has been a long-standing tradition by home sellers and realtors to list a home too low. The primary purpose is to create a bidding war among potential buyers.

In 2019 the median sold price for all single family homes for sale in Montclair NJ was $762,000. The actual median list price was $709,000 or about 6.9% lower. Homes for sale in Montclair NJ that sold over $1,000,000 showed a similar pattern. The median sales price was $1,230,000 and the median list price was $1,185,000 which was 3.7% lower.

When searching homes for sale in Montclair NJ it is recommended to start your search 10% lower than your budget price. This will lead to more possible multiple offer situations and increase your chances of finding the right home.

Montclair NJ Real Estate and Homes

Searching homes for sale in Montclair, NJ will also include homes for sale in Upper Montclair, NJ with a zip code of 07413.  Montclair Township is located in Essex County, NJ, and encompass’ roughly six square miles. Montcair Township is located at the base of the First Watchung Mountain  and the community is home to more than 38,000 residents according to the most about to date information from the U.S. Census  Montclair NJ is one of the most populated towns in Essex County.

When searching homes for sale in Montclair, NJ you will quickly notice an outstanding quality of life, with a diverse culture, superb dining venues, vibrant downtown area, top-rated magnet school system, great access to New York City by train via the Monclair-Boonton Line  Plus a wide variety of exciting recreational activities, all of which combine to make it a great place to raise a family.

Monclair homes are known for their seamless combination of modern luxury and turn-of-the century charm, and boast high-end features such as designer kitchens with elegant granite counter tops, beautifully manicured outdoor areas, spacious front porches, expansive living rooms, and oversize bedrooms with walk-in closets.

Neighborhoods within Montclair offer tons of convenience, as the community provides an enviable blend between residential living and commercial activity – you’re always minutes away from restaurants, shops, professional services, art galleries, museums, and entertainment venues.

Montclair NJ Schools

Montclair NJ Public School Student ReadingThe Montclair, NJ public school system is considered to be one of the premier schools systems in the area and a major draw for buyers searching Montclair homes for sale.  Based on the 2018-2019 student enrollment data available there are 6,533 students attending one of the eleven public schools.  The Montclair public school system offers seven elementary schools, three middle schools and one high school.

Each elementary and middle school has a “magnet theme” which in turn becomes the school’s primary focus and teaching style.  Enrollment in each school is not based on the student’s location within the town, but rather on their focus and interest.  Enrollment is not guaranteed and each student/parent is requested to ranked their school preferences. Each elementary school is K-5 unless noted: Bradford Elementary School, Charles H. Bullock Elementary School, Edgemont Montessori School, Hillside Elementary School, (3-5): Gifted and Talented), Nishuane Elementary School (K-2): Gifted and Talented, Northeast Elementary School, Watchung Avenue Elementary School

Montclair middles schools include: Glenfield Middle School (6-8) Visual and Performing Arts, Buzz Aldrin Middle School (6-8), Stem Magnet and Renaissance Middle School (6-8), Liberal Arts

Monclair High School (9-12) with a student population of 1,946.


Montclair Trains and Buses

Montclair Train TransportationNJTransit Trains via the Montclair-Boonton Line offers service to Penn Station in Midtown Manhatta and Hoboken.  Service to Penn Station is direct while service to Hoboken will require a transfer.

Bus service to the Port Authority is available through DeCamp Bus Lines using routes 33 and 66.


Restaurants In Montclair NJ

Montclair Restaurant ChefMontclair may be one of the best restaurant town in the area.  During the spring and summer the streets are overflowing with locals and out of town dinners from all areas of Northern New Jersey.  Just about any food preference is available in Montclair.  Some of Montclair’s favorite restaurants are Facino (Italian), Faubourg (French), Jacks Seafood Shack (Seafood), Nori (Japanese), Samba (Brazilian), Turtle + The Wolf (Meat & Fish)